Life update: Birthmonth adventures with friends(•ө•)♡ + Philippine Folklore stickers for Halloween

Every year, October excites me as this is my birth month and the celebration of anything scary, yes, Halloween🎃. As much as possible I treat myself with arts and creativity (yearly mantra, it is) but turned out I procrastinated until there are few days remaining for October to draw and do some adventurous stuff oTL (I even skipped participating this year’s Sakata Gintoki birthday celebration on Twitter. Sorry Gin-chan!!
My one and only precious figure + PORTRA app. I’m sorry this was the only thing I did for you (T_T)

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Japan 2017 Day 4: Last day in Osaka

In my first Japan trip, the novice traveller me definitely did not belong to “The Planner” type. I didn’t ask my aunt the details of our Osaka trip nor did I research about the prefecture we were in so I had an assumption Osaka is not that interesting compared to Tokyo. All I knew that morning of April 3 was to pack all of my things in my luggage because we’ll head to Tokyo that day. I thought my Osaka trip ended in USJ, but day 4 was dedicated to explore Osaka and little did I know it will give me one of my memorable moments in my life!

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Creative Journal + Japan2017 Day 2: Kyoto

The place I’d love to travel again in Japan, if I were asked, would definitely be Kyoto. Since I already travelled here during spring, I’m planning to come back again on either summer or autumn and will tour the places I haven’t been to. With K’LOOP (Kyoto World Heritage Loop Bus) our do-it-yourself tour covered four popular destinations: Nijo-jo, Kinkaku-ji, Ginkaku-ji, and Kiyomizu-dera. For every site, I collected tickets and guide fliers as souvenirs that I later put in my A5 journal. (I lost the guide book of Nijo-jo though (T_T) Here’s the video of my creative journal featuring my trip in Kyoto:

Sorry for the low quality oTL

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