Hello from Hikaru Fenrir’s blog


My name is Den a.k.a. Hikaru Fenrir. Nice to meet you! (★ゝω<●)ノ I live in the Philippines where I grew up as a self-proclaimed otaku, a sporadic cosplayer, visual arts hobbyist, food enthusiast, and aspiring writer in midnight. As a dreamer since childhood, I want to fly towards my fluffy clouds of dreams in the sky. I know that my motivation mixed with grit and support from my loved ones, someday I could travel every season in Japan, write as manga-ka or doujinshi-ka, build my own OC (original character) sticker/stationary shop, write a novel that would change people’s lives positively, and as a Japanese-English (or vice versa) book translator.

Hope you enjoy your stay while reading my journey!