Creative Journal + Japan2017 Day 2: Kyoto

The place I’d love to travel again in Japan, if I were asked, would definitely be Kyoto. Since I already travelled here during spring, I’m planning to come back again on either summer or autumn and will tour the places I haven’t been to. With K’LOOP (Kyoto World Heritage Loop Bus) our do-it-yourself tour covered four popular destinations: Nijo-jo, Kinkaku-ji, Ginkaku-ji, and Kiyomizu-dera. For every site, I collected tickets and guide fliers as souvenirs that I later put in my A5 journal. (I lost the guide book of Nijo-jo though (T_T) Here’s the video of my creative journal featuring my trip in Kyoto:

Sorry for the low quality oTL

Day 2 in Japan

 photo IMG20170401080304_zpsghbtp1cc.jpg

By 8 AM of April 1 (happy Watanuki Kimihiro day!) the morning air as cold as 7° greeted us as we left our hotel to look for a restaurant before going to JR line Osaka station.

We ended up having our first breakfast in Osaka at Café Break.

first breakfast in Osaka

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 photo IMG20170401085413_zpskzynkqdb.jpg

🌸+🍋 = Sakura lemonade~

 photo IMG20170401092029_zps4vooudap.jpg

Snacks for my Kyoto trip (〃)´艸`)オイシー♪

My favorites are:

 photo IMG20170401131216_zpsyyz1zchp.jpg

 photo IMG20170401224731_zpspkwibc3y.jpg


Osaka ➡ Kyoto

 photo IMG20170401091813_zpspka7bmbj.jpg

 photo IMG20170401093254_zpsqo2s5bd1.jpg

 photo IMG20170401093644_zpsti8wdfdg.jpg

 photo IMG20170401093735_zpspyh7nnoz.jpg


Finally arrived in Kyoto (≧▽≦)

 photo IMG20170401101659_zpsirmqext1.jpg

 photo IMG20170401103302_zpsuzbziomz.jpg

 photo IMG20170401103512_zps6qxv8jwg.jpg

 photo IMG20170401104108_zpsnsguqih7.jpg

While waiting for the bus’s arrival, that sakura locker caught my attention🌸🌸🌸 I love everything that has sakura!

 photo IMG20170401103036_zpslonfqxti.jpg

 photo IMG20170401105227_zpsdmvymz3u.jpg

 photo IMG20170401110655_zpskboetuo8.jpg

 photo IMG_0046_zpsxapsxm2x.jpg

 photo IMG_0049_zpsf4sjmo7o.jpg

 photo IMG_0050_zps907tq63z.jpg



 photo IMG20170401131124_zpszgkfgowq.jpg

 photo IMG20170401114012_zpspvsgpikq.jpg

 photo IMG_0054_zpssjoqeeec.jpg

The Karamon Gate

Flashback Friday: First stop in Kyoto. First time entering a castle.

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 photo IMG_0064_zps2peggtrc.jpg

 photo IMG_0065_zpsglhtb1uj.jpg

Due to the castle’s popularity and we arrived at around 12 noon the site was crowded especially inside the halls where everyone is recquired to take off his/her shoes before entering and will walk barefeet on narrowed corridors.

 photo IMG_0066_zpson12nvo7.jpg

 photo IMG_0068_zpsjgy9mjmj.jpg

Cameras are prohibited so I won’t be able to show you my tour inside the halls (but official photos taken by professional photographers are available in the internet. Perhaps check them out if you’re curious to see the artistic structures of walls and ceilings.)

But I can show you the beauty of the garden instead!

 photo IMG_0075_zpsjgf0fflc.jpg

 photo IMG_0081_zps73vexmew.jpg

 photo IMG_0094_zpselcnu0bc.jpg

 photo IMG_0095_zpsw1cztrt6.jpg

 photo IMG_0084_zps4y3becez.jpg

 photo IMG_0086_zpspclcho3b.jpg

 photo IMG_0090_zpscj6ucjsh.jpg


 photo IMG_0092_zpsjpyieh8j.jpg

A crow at the edge of the roof!

 photo IMG_0102_zpsodkrehxu.jpg

 photo IMG_0103_zpsoqtgb87u.jpg

 photo IMG_0106_zps3ofgzge9.jpg

 photo IMG_0108_zpssd1jdyzj.jpg

 photo IMG_0109_zpsj58nxyvn.jpg

 photo IMG_0113_zpsy9yizpiw.jpg

Chibi sakura~

 photo IMG20170401123256_zps9pacsce3.jpg

During this time, many sakura haven’t reached their full bloom yet which worried me, until…

 photo IMG20170401125557_zps2hu78rhw.jpg

A lone pretty pink tree appeared among the green ones!

 photo IMG_0117_zpsofzxl3w7.jpg

So beautiful~

Happy Watanuki day〜! #kimihirowatanuki #xxxholic #1stdayofapril

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SECOND STOP: Kinkaku-ji

 photo IMG20170401141354_zpsi51fkprr.jpg

 photo IMG_0127_zpsy2cd4xr9.jpg

 photo IMG20170401141954_zps7dpnfyfq.jpg

 photo IMG_0134_zpsclilh7dz.jpg

 photo IMG_0133_zpsqqjkewuz.jpg

White Snake Pagoda

 photo IMG_0136_zpswghowyfq.jpg

 photo IMG_0137_zpsjdydxjkx.jpg


As you might already noticed, I’m fascinated about taking photos of random streets.

 photo IMG20170401143620_zpsaak8qcip.jpg

 photo IMG20170401143950_zpsdhdnw7pr.jpg

 photo IMG20170401153729_zps9njlvn1g.jpg

 photo IMG20170401153853_zpsinq8gcl2.jpg

 photo IMG20170401153941_zpsctrb2j5q.jpg

 photo IMG20170401154004_zpsu7tcwfc2.jpg


THIRD STOP: Ginkaku-ji

 photo IMG20170401165730_zpsysdt8cpj.jpg

 photo IMG20170401165024_zpsmqyuybez.jpg

Fishcake with cheese~

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 photo IMG20170401162853_zpsqscj33qm.jpg

Bamboo grove beside the path towards the entrance.

 photo IMG20170401163032_zps61ykwhgc.jpg

 photo IMG_0141_zpszbjhsemc.jpg

Front of Ginkaku-ji

 photo IMG20170401163911_zpsb8r8punp.jpg

Back of Ginkaku-ji

 photo IMG20170401164023_zpsz2mmpkfq.jpg

 photo IMG_0145_zpskmujckq3.jpg

 photo IMG_0148_zpsdoo6qric.jpg

 photo IMG_0150_zpsjc2xsavt.jpg

 photo IMG_0151_zpsixwkpcwc.jpg

 photo IMG_0152_zpszxwlwhao.jpg

 photo IMG20170401163647_zpsdkupmwtp.jpg

 photo IMG20170401164003_zpsbqyan0in.jpg

 photo IMG20170401164256_zpsjng5dqtl.jpg


FOURTH (LAST) STOP: Kiyomizu-dera

As the grey sky slowly melted to hue of night, we decided to have a dinner near Kiyomizu-dera.

Tip: along the way to Kiyomizu-dera are numerous souvenir and snack shops that sometimes offer free samples of food. Must try!


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#sakuramitsutsuki 🌸🌙

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 photo IMG20170401183928_zpsf62stb7u.jpg

 photo IMG20170401184353_zps5wzgo1qc.jpg

 photo IMG20170401184514_zpswzzbokb8.jpg

 photo IMG20170401184823_zps3yx3tipv.jpg

The reason why Kiyomizu-dera is on my top list among the Kyoto sites we’ve been so far.

 photo received_1297434223626906_zps0p537dnp.jpeg

I will always remember how beautiful Kiyomizu-dera is in the night. All my hard work for this trip really paid off.

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We weren’t able to visit the Koyasu Pagoda as we arrived late (。ŏ﹏ŏ) I believe the it closes at 5 PM.

 photo IMG20170401185730_zpsndfchrsc.jpg

And that ends my Kyoto trip! I’ll be back again (especially in Kiyomizu-dera) to do the things I haven’t experienced and travel the places I haven’t visited yet. See you again next time (•ө•)♡



 photo IMG20170401204943_zpslqzg72hp.jpg

 photo IMG20170401205122_zpseh8xzyqx.jpg

 photo IMG20170401205311_zpsyo3juw8h.jpg

 photo IMG20170401215224_zps15z0l1ax.jpg

The first sign of Gintama in my Japan trip.


Up next: Japan2017 (Day3): Universal Studios


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