My life lately (at the office)

Truth be told, during weekdays I dedicate my 80% of my life to corporate world.

Not all the time does my corp world suck though.

 photo Photo-0164_zpshtz6xija.jpg
Supervisor treated us to Starbucks and I ordered Green Tea Frappuccino💝💖 and some Toblerone bites from one of the seminars I attended.
 photo Photo-0165_zpsbly5ta9v.jpg
My new Moomin tumbler I bought in Sunshine City, Ikebukuro and the new can design of Coca-Cola from new ✨VENDO✨ in our pantry.

Fun fact: did you know the office I’m currently in offers clubs to their employees? As in clubs that promote recreational activities! Way back 2014 (or 2015?) I joined Green Team (an organization for nature lovers) and trekked at Mt. Maranat in Bulacan, Philippines. This year, however, I joined the Creative Art Circle (≧▽≦) Our first workshop happened yesterday. FOR FREE!

 photo Photo-0166_20170422133119450_zpskaukkue7.jpg
Disclaimer: I did not write my name tag.
 photo Photo-0169_zpsvsbb3kwb.jpg
Brush pens Zig Kuretake for beginners and calligraphy papers were provided.
 photo IMG20170422133807_zpszeprl2af.jpg
Up strokes are light while Down strokes are heavy.

At first it was hard and funny as we wrote imperfect strokes with shaky fingers between a brush pen (like the letter “o” resembled tadpoles haha.) But once you perfected the strokes of at least one letter, you’d be proud of yourself!

 photo IMG20170422134038_zpslgiilod9.jpg
I know I need more practice! Next time I’ll be able to write perfect strokes not only in lowercase but uppercase, too!

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