Japan2017 Day 1: NAIA → Kansai International Airport + Osaka

Pardon my looong absence! March was full of hectic stuff and I had no time to update my life. Anyway, I was writing this blog post in my favorite café where the frappé I ordered brought inspiration to write my memories down on my draft journal peacefully because it is currently summer in my country and staying at home would grill me (*_*;

Currently working on my Japan2017 Day 1 blog post.

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Maybe some of you already have an idea why I wasn’t able to update my March 2017… and that’s because I was busy preparing for my long time dream! (^o^) I was occupied with Japan tourist visa requirements, other work-related stuff before departing on March 31, and daydreaming of my sakura moments! And here they are, the fruits of my childhood dreams coming to life! I can’t help but be proud of my motivation and long patience to make my Japan spring trip possible (^_^) and of course I will always be thankful to the people around me for supporting my dream journey. Simple positive words like “don’t worry, you will pass Japan visa!” was helpful enough for me to keep chasing this sakura dreams of mine.


To tell you the truth, my friends and family (especially my dad who used to travel some countries around the world) were excited as I, considering my first time plane ride adventure was destined to land on Japan (the wished foreign country from a ten-year-old me.) Funny that almost everything in this trip was a first time: passport application, visa application, plane ticket, entering airport, riding a plane, flying in the air, and visiting a foreign country. Plus, positive and negative thoughts fluttered my tummy while going through airports and planes.

 photo IMG20170331071138_zpsgzdz4j7x.jpg

 photo IMG20170331075805_zpsczpdp6r2.jpg

 photo pixlr_20170331221433084_zpszf9l13to.jpg

From NAIA it took us 3 hours before arriving at Kansai International Airport.

 photo IMG20170331111647_zpsm7klxhfi.jpg

 photo IMG20170404081201_zpsdytdnlmc.jpg
Free snacks from the airport staff!

The moment I set my foot outside the airport, my nose breathed in a kind of breeze colder than Baguio’s afternoon air. Unlike Osaka’s pictures of spring that you could find in the internet (where clear blue skies above groves of sakura, the version I saw was a bit different. Instead, I was welcomed with a grey sky that covered the roads with raindrops.

 photo IMG20170331113048_zpsl7vxofqf.jpg

 photo IMG20170331123023_zpslurjnpmq.jpg

 photo IMG20170331121659_zpsvoqyyolt.jpg

 photo IMG_0016_zpslxsa9mgh.jpg

 photo IMG20170331120819_zpsjifnkii4.jpg
Imagine how cold it was for a tropical girl like me! Fluffy scarf and super thick jacket saved the day (・∀・)

The limousine bus from Kansai International Airport took around 30 minutes before it dropped us in front of a mall where we bought umbrellas. I was a bit worried for my luggage before reaching Hotel Sakura (°ー°〃) but thankfully even though the bags got soaked from the rain, my clothes in my luggage were ok (´∀`)

 photo IMG20170331134948_zpsgdpylhyn.jpg
Hotel view~

After regaining some strength from a short rest, we strolled across the streets to satisfy our empty stomachs (btw I toured Japan with my 2 aunts and a cousin,) where we randomly chose a ramen shop along the way before entering the Nippombashi subway station to Namba station.

The best ramen I've ever tasted by far.

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I’ve never tasted tonkotsu broth before, (I now remember Ramen Nagi’s “Original King (Butao)” which has tonkotsu broth) neither was I aware I ordered tonkotsu ramen. I only relied on the menu’s pictures after all lol. I figured it out when I double-checked the Japanese characters on the pictures and slowly read it (with the help of my app translator haha.) A spoonful of soup convinced the food enthusiast in me that ramen made in Japan is the best compared to the ramen I tasted in the Philippines.

 photo IMG20170331144516_zps541wygnp.jpg
Randomly picked tonkotsu ramen (because it has a picture on the menu haha.)

We spent the rest of the day getting lost (trying to find Dottonbori but failed,) randomly entering shops, and tried vendo machines.

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sakura manhole

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 photo IMG_0038_zpsnqdrmkox.jpg

 photo IMG_0037_zps6cpqpnk0.jpg

 photo IMG_0036_zpsrmmjfii8.jpg

 photo IMG_0035_zpsntagrueq.jpg

 photo IMG_0033_zpscsc0sdrd.jpg

 photo IMG_0032_zpsckxjjh3f.jpg

 photo IMG_0031_zpsydampleq.jpg

 photo IMG_0029_zpsgra6ixfh.jpg

 photo IMG_0028_zps57nv1vll.jpg

 photo IMG_0044_zpsy1bsfy5h.jpg

They now call me “vendo girl” because I always spend coins on vending machines anytime, anywhere lol.

 photo IMG20170331165939_zpsbqipo6pe.jpg

Took a break in a mall somewhere in Namba.

 photo IMG20170331181238_zpsxp3oszfi.jpg

 photo IMG20170331181145_zpsld96lfzp.jpg

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Strawberry roll cake from Daiso and Yakult soda from vendo. I’m a Yakult fan so I tried. I ended up loving the sparkling effect of this drink~

That’s all for Day 1. Hope you’re excited to read my Japan 2017 Day 2 post featuring Kyoto!


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