Mid-February update + A little Make-up Sharing

Yesterday’s my holiday off and I thought of updating my blog after watching episode 9 of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (I don’t want people think I’m on hiatus just because I procrastinate (;´・з・)

Honestly I’ve been planning how to compose my blog post since the weekend…

…but ended up frying boiled potatoes I found in the fridge (ノ∀`●)

Weeks ago, my aunt from Sweden arrived here in the Philippines. She stayed for a vacation with other relatives in Taguig, so me, bro, and parents went there to visit her (and claim our much awaited pasalubong hehe.)

I love taking pics of street nights, just so you know.
Aunt always bring home Marabou chocolates since I was younger AND THIS IS THE REASON WHY I FELL IN LOVE WITH CHOCOLATE + MINT.
Sour bits. With Goku lol.
It’s not fuwa fuwa, I tell you, it’s more like gummy and chewy.

Nowadays me and cousins often do indoor activities (I believe we all developed our introvert sides because of the same interests and hobbies _(:3\ L)_ ) Bro and cousin played Resident Evil 6&7, we watched movies like 10 Cloverfield Lane and Shin Godzilla, and during the night I had #MeTime movies Usagi Drop live action and Nobody Knows. Imagine: my cousin’s not-so-big room was full of five individual otaku holding either a PlayStation joystick or an android phone together with our 60-year-old aunt trying to socialize with us while holding a knitting needle and a bulky gray yarn.

Before going home, bro and I went to Otaku Expo 2017 Day 2 and I was very excited because hey, it’s been a long time since the last I visited a cosplay convention!

A few merch I bought.
Close-up of the flower clip.
Hikaru trying to be kawaii with pizza-chan.

Flash forward, let’s get to VALENTINE’S DAY WITH HIKARU (pq♥∀♥`)

Of course, I had a date with my friends! (Who cares about having no real-life kareshi!?)

Souvenir from Blaise when she visited Ohio, U.S.A. for business purposes.
*insert #TeamDaebak picture here*

LOL. Forgot to ask pics from friends and they haven’t uploaded our Coco Hut date pics yet. Will just edit soon, I’m sorry oTL

Lastly, I want to share with you how I look like when I go outdoors and in mood for make-up. But please take note THIS IS NOT A MAKE-UP TUTORIAL (I guess?)

Attention! I only applied light layers of make-up on my face above. Make-up for cosplay is a different story.

Here’s the list of cosmetics I use:

1. Moisturizer – Myra VITASMOOTH Hydrating Facial Moisturizer (I apply this for my dry face except for the “T” section because that part is oily.)

2. Make-up Base – Nature Republic Botanical Vanilla Make-up Base.

3. BB Cream – Nature Republic Pure BB Cream.

4. Foundation – Natureactor Cover Face 151 (Perhaps the most beautiful gift I received from a cousin hehe. I don’t even apply concealer anymore when I use this. Sooo perfect for my skin tone ♥♥♥ But because I already applied BB Cream, I only put foundation on the dark areas of my eyes.)

5. Compact powder – Nature Republic Pure Powder Pact (I need this as I applied liquid-based make-up if I don’t want my face shiny and sticky.)

6. Lips – Sleek Make-up Matte Me (Birthday Suit) + Nature Republic Real Gel Tint (orange)


7. Eyeliner – Maybelline New York Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (black) (I only use this if I’m not wearing glasses, like in my photo above, or I’m not in a rush because believe me, it takes me a lot of time just drawing perfect dark lines over my eyes.)

Although they’re all comfortable on my skin, that doesn’t mean they’re ok for you. You should explore and discover the right cosmetics for you. When I say “explore,” I mean you have to research the type of skin you have and the perfect cosmetics that would enhance your beauty without damaging your skin. Try following famous blogs from the internet, watch make-up tutorials, or read magazines to learn tips from them.

That’s all for today! Thank you for reading~


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