Life Update + Mommy’s birthday

Sunday, January 15, 2017

I woke up enthusiastic over seafood brunch lunch as per mommy’s request to my aunt for her pre-birthday celebration. I believe seafood is best partnered with sinigang. As a result, it felt like I celebrated birthday rather than her (hahaha.)  Shrimp is my favorite but ended up eating more crabs. ( ̄w ̄)Ψ


My tummy suffered.


Found ladyfingers in the kitchen so I decided to make a no-bake cake for mommy’s birthday! I soaked the cookies in a chocolate drink then spread the all-purpose cream mixed with condensed milk on top of every layer of the ladyfingers.

Ended the day watching “My Hero Academia” for the first time. Something went wrong with the synchronization of the subs and dub though. ( ≧Д≦) I was forced to stop in the middle of episode 2.


Monday, January 16, 2017

They always tell me I wake up late (around 11 a.m. lol.) Honestly, I thought I’d wake up in another hot noon, but this grey sky comforted me throughout the day.


The wind felt cold as if it’s gonna rain. Still, I thought it’s perfect to eat ice cream to preserve the feeling while walking around in our subdivision.


I love cheese!!


Aside from the good weather by the way, it’s a special day because it’s mommy’s birthday!! *+:;;;:+*(人´∀`●)*+:;;;:+* She cooked us spaghetti (Filipino style, I prefer Italian though) and we partnered it with the cake I prepared the other night.



The result is “Hikaru’s Frozen Ladyfinger with Cookies and Cream Cake!” Whew, what a long name there.

And spaghetti is best served with “Gintama.”





Before night spread its darkness in the sky, mommy and I planned to visit NAILS.Glow for foot spa. I love the interior of the place and the solemn music of piano instrument played in the radio relaxed our ears. They even discourage customers to speak loud inside the premises.


Can’t help taking pics. Haha. Meet my mom!

Mom took a pic with the poster of NAIL.Glow’s current model, Nadine Lustre, to make my cousin envy of us. Cousin adores this local actress very much that she hallucinates they are the same person. Lol.

And so, the pampering begins…



We both decided for the Premium foot spa + pedicure. My favorite part is the pink one; it reminds me of sakura color and I enjoyed it the most as it is used for scrubbing feet. I love it when salt is rubbed against my skin _(:3 \ L)_

I chose yellow pedicure for a change (I have a tendency to pick either baby pink or teal blue) and my mom’s french tip.

We both went home happy (with a cup of morroccan mint in my hand,) satisfied NAILS.Glow served us considering there were seven applications done in our feet for an affordable price compared to other spas. We promised to come back here next time (I might become a regular customer though! We’ll never know hehehe.)

Let’s wait for another birthdays to come! Ciao~!


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